Take more than just a family trip. Leverage the awesome growth potential of exploration through immersive living programs for families.


A new way to see the world

Travel, in its purest form, has the power to change the way we see, feel, and interact with the world. MindTrips leverage the power of travel by focusing first on your potential to grow from the experience.

What makes a MindTrip Journey?



We help you build a plan to accomplish your dreams of living abroad



Programs that are focused on integration within a community from 3 weeks to 3 months



A network of local hosts trained to help you integrate into your MindTrip destination

“The greatest part of our MindTrip was the foundational changes (some minor, some less minor) that occurred in myself and my family. Just a few of these included increased adaptability, increased sense of existence, and greater collective ability as family to band together and problem solve in situations that are challenging or unfamiliar.”

- Hans Hubrich, husband, father, & small business owner


At MindTrip, we strongly believe that your final destination won't be found on a map. It will be found within as you adjust to new ways of living, communicating, and working in foreign settings.

Our mission is to help individuals and families grow through the benefits of more immersive, more authentic travel.