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House Hunters International

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16 years ago, newlyweds Marisa & David left the USA on what would become a life-changing 10-month study abroad.


Our destination was Nice, France. Our reasons for departure were that Marisa wanted to deepen her understanding of a culture she had loved since Jr. High School and I didn't want to disappoint the only wife I'd ever had.

The result was a transformative experience where we learned more about the world and ourselves than we could have ever anticipated.


Having discovered our better selves in France, we came home hoping for a day when we could give our family the gift of a similar awakening. A decade passed as boys 1 - 4 joined the family, bringing equal measures of chaos and joy to our home. At every new step, we kept wondering when it would be time to take them abroad.

For the past four years, we have lived out our dreams in the Beaujolais countryside in France. Our experience has been trying at times, triumphant at others, and even captured once on HGTV's House Hunters International

We're now looking to expand our horizons and want you along for the next journey as part of MindTrip. Our mission is to help individuals and families grow through a more immersive, authentic travel experience. 


If you dream of having more meaningful experiences abroad, we hope MindTrip can help turn those dreams into moments of meaningful change.

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